"Wej hr merej.et ke..."
                                 "I love you..." 
merej et is a spelling adaption of the ancient Egyptian verb "mrj.t", which means "to love". The entire term wej hr merej et ke is an adaptation of the entire spelling "wj hr mrj.t =k", which, as you've probably guessed it, means "I love you" in ancient Egyptian.

As a vaseshipping (Atemu Mana pairing) fan, I believe Atemu and Mana go very well together. They had a very close childhood friendship, and, like many other vaseshipping fans, I feel that this can turn into something more.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! shipping fandom, vaseshipping (Atemu-Mana pairing) seems to be deemed as a "rare pairing". merej et serves as a fansite for vaseshipper supporters everywhere. It also hopes, in some small way, to better promote the vaseshipping fandom. 

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